EDAC-ATAC is a Canadian organization of professionals in the field of eating disorders and related areas.  The mandate of EDAC-ATAC is to best serve the needs of those whose lives are impacted by eating disorders.

 The specific objectives of EDAC-ATAC are:

  • To educate each other regarding best practices.
  • To encourage sharing of information amongst EDAC-ATAC members about all issues of eating disorders care.
  • To promote a reflective and responsive approach in the provision of care and amongst providers.

Call for Nominations

Get involved with EDAC-ATAC!  The Elections Committee is soliciting nominations for the following four positions:   President Elect (3 year term – Y1: President Elect, Y2: President, Y3: Past-President)  Acts as Chair of the Board of Directors and Chair of meetings of the Board, which is responsible for the governance of the affairs of the …

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Preliminary 2014 Conference Program

We are pleased to present our preliminary program for our 4th biennial conference, taking place on October 6-7, 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia!   Take a peek at the preliminary program and be sure to bookmark the topics and presentations that catch your eye.  With a record number of 18 workshops, 25 paper presentations, and over …

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