EDAC-ATAC is a Canadian organization of professionals in the field of eating disorders and related areas.  The mandate of EDAC-ATAC is to best serve the needs of those whose lives are impacted by eating disorders.

 The specific objectives of EDAC-ATAC are:

  • To educate each other regarding best practices.
  • To encourage sharing of information amongst EDAC-ATAC members about all issues of eating disorders care.
  • To promote a reflective and responsive approach in the provision of care and amongst providers.
EDAC-ATAC Sections

The EDAC-ATAC Sections are coming!

Save this EDAC-ATAC Sections Announcement as a PDF.   EDAC-ATAC’s mandates are to: Educate each other regarding best practices. Information sharing. Promote a reflective and responsive approach in the provision of care for eating disordered patients and their families. Our goal is to connect eating disorder professionals across Canada.  Towards this end, we are pleased to announce …

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Join or renew for 2015!

A new year is upon us, teeming with endless opportunities.  EDAC-ATAC  is continuing to connect and collaborate with eating disorder professionals across our country, and our vision of having a vibrant, scholarly, and lively community grows brighter every year.  We are so pleased to welcome new and returning members, in strengthening our organization, and contributing …

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